Admission for International students

1) Application Procedure

To further your studies in the International Institute of Management and Technology(IIMAT)
please forward to us the documents below:   

a) 2 sets of photocopied passport, 2 sets of certificates & 4 pcs of passport-sized photographs and medical transcript report.

b) Fill up the I.S form;

c) Payment of RM2,000.00 processing fees together with personal bond(for exact amount as per your country or origin, please refer to the table 'personal bond'). All payments to be made payable to ‘MacAcademy Sdn Bhd’ or banked into our Alliance Bank account no. 1402 8001 0086 220 (account name: MacAcademy Sdn.Bhd).

* Partial processing fees are refundable if application for admission is cancelled or retracted due to
any reason(s).(Please refer to the Management for details)

All admission documents (including payment bank in slip/EFT payment advice) to be
faxed or emailed to:

Email :
Fax no : 603- 4044 5958

Alternatively, you could courier/mail your application form
and supporting documents to:

Admissions Department
International Institute of Management and Technology (IIMAT)
51 and 51A, Jalan Ipoh (1st mile)
51200 Kuala Lumpur


2) Admission Procedure

a) After receiving your online application form or I.S. form together with the supporting documents (listed in Step 1-Application Procedures above), IIMAT will check and verify your application;

b) After the applicant's application has been successfully submitted to the Education Malaysia Global Services(EMGS) which normally takes approximately 10 working days, IIMAT will issue you an offer letter in due course. The student will be cintacted to collect their offer letter and to be briefed on the programme details;

c) Approval would normally takes about 2 to 3 months time. You will be contacted via mail for your departure;

d) Do fill in the student arrival form in our website and submit to us at least 7 working days before your arrival. We expect full payment to be made before your arrival or you could opt to pay to our pick up officer during your arrival at the Malaysian airport;

e) You will be sent to the college from the airport upon your arrival by our pick up officer to fill up the registration form/admission form. You are welcome to make on all aspects of you study during your first visit.