Can I transfer IIMAT credits to another college?

Yes.however, due to differing policies and procedures on credit transfer or advance standing application in higher educational institutions, IIMAT students are advised to check with the intended higher educational institution which they intend to transfer their credits to

Could working adults take your diplomas?

Yes. Working adults can pursue the diploma programmes at IIMAT on part-time basis as long as fulfill the entry requirements.

As an international student, do i need to take English Placement Tests in order to study at IIMAT?

No. You are not required to take English Placement Tests in order to study at IIMAT. However, if your command of English language is weak , you will be required undergo an Intensive English Programme ranging from 3 months to 1 year before proceeding to pursue a diploma programme.

As an international student, can I work while I am on a student pass?

International students are permitted to do part time work for 20 hours per week during semester breaks as long as the student pass remains valid.

What are the documents required by an international student in order to apply for a student pass?

Application from the student will be submitted by the college to EMGS for approval. Documents required are as follows:

a) 2 sets of attested photocopies of original passport

b) 2 sets of attested academic certificate

c) 4 pcs of passport -sized photographs with blue background

d) medical report transcript

At this stage, the student is also required to pay the EMGS processing fee of approximately RM2,000 plus personal bond which ranges from RM700 to RM2000 (refundable after completion of programme).