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School of Business & Economics

Diploma in Early Childhood Education
MQA/ FA2140

Education shapes a brighter tomorrow.

A child's mind is constantly growing and absorbing information as described by the term Tabula rasa, especially during the first 6 years of their childhood where 85% of a child's brain is formed. A child will develop character, adapt to the environment and gain knowledge based on the education and teachings of adults and teachers. This is why the Malaysian government are advocates for early childhood education and has tabulated the National Policy for Early Childhood Education. The minimum requirement for teaching at private preschools and childcare centres will be a Diploma in Early Childhood Education by the year 2020. Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2015 estimates 900,000 children expected to enrol in preschools nationwide and 30,000 qualified teachers will be demanded. Our course is accredited by the Malaysian Qualifications Agency and is suitable if you are an aspiring pre-school teacher, kindergarten principal, entrepreneur or if you are pursuing further education (i.e. a Bachelors degree in UPSI will have credit exemptions). You will learn key subjects such as Pedagogy and STEM (Science, technology, engineering, mathematics) which will put you at the avant-garde of educators.

Course Structure: 

Year 1

  • English Proficiency
  • Computer Application for Kids
  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship
  • MPU 1
  • Early Childhood Behaviors
  • Early Childhood Development
  • Sociology of Education
  • Critical Thinking in ECE
  • Educational Technology in ECE
  • Micro Teaching
  • Curriculum for Early Childhood
  • Philosophy of ECE
  • MPU 2
  • Approach & Pedagogy of ECE

Year 2

  • Early Mathematics and Science
  • Planning, Establishment and Management of ECE program
  • Facilitation in ECE
  • MPU 3
  • Language Development in Early Childhood
  • Monitoring Early Childhood Development
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of ECE
  • Parent-Teacher Involvement
  • Professionalism of ECE teacher
  • MPU 4
  • Music & Movement of ECE
  • Art & Craft in ECE
  • Education in Malaysia
  • Health, Safety and Nutrition for Early Childhood

Year 3

  • Practicum


Career Opportunities: 

Pre-school teacher

ECE Centre Manager

Program Instructor

Pre-school management personnel

Kindergarten Principal


Early Childhood Book Writer

Toy Seller


Program Learning Outcomes:

1. Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of teaching and learning theory.

2. Apply the knowledge and understanding to provide developmentally appropriate learning experiences for children's development. (Knowledge in Specific Area)

3. Create, provide and maintain a safe, healthy and nurturing environment where children learn and develop. (Practical Skills)

4. Communicate effectively with children, colleagues, families and the community. (Communication Skills)

5. Apply problem solving, self-reflection, scientific skills and creative thinking in the care and education of young children. (Social skills, Teamwork and Responsibilities)

6. Demonstrate commitment to professionalism in values, attitudes and ethics. (Values, Ethics, Moral and Professionalism)

7. Select resources and apply information to enhance early learning and self-development. (Information Management and Life Long Learning)

8. Exhibit basic managerial and entrepreneurial skills in early childhood settings. (Management and Entrepreneurship)

Entry requirement: 
Passed SPM with 3 Credits or Equivalent
2 years and 6 months (7 semesters)