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School of Science and Technology

Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology
MQA/ FA 2075

Marine Industrial Technology is the forefront of humanity's progress as it addresses many international challenges: transportation, food resources and energy production. IIMAT's Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology is a 2.5-year programme which enable students to understand the major technical and theoretical aspects of ship and port operations. This course will equip you with the technical skills and hands on experience which employers demand. Learn practical skills such as sailing, QA/QC inspections, ship maintenance which are complimented by theoretical knowledge like Ship/Project Planning and Marine Technology Systems. IIMAT have state of the art technology like ship simulators which simulates a ship's operation and possible challenges whilst sailing. Sail the high seas through IIMAT's Diploma in Marine Industrial Technology.

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Course Structure: 
  • Proficiency in English
  • Mathematics I
  • Seamanship and Ship Technology
  • Naval Architecture
  • Principle of Management
  • Marine Technology System
  • Marine Electrical Technology
  • Mechanics
  • Computer Studies
  • Marine Structural Design
  • Marine Health & Safety
  • Marine Navigation
  • Building Material
  • Mathematics 2
  • Industrial Automation
  • Integrated Logistic Support
  • Estimating
  • Collision Regulations
  • Marine Electrical Machinery
  • Oceanography
  • Power System
  • Operation Management
  • Maritime Communication
  • Ship Maintenance System
  • Industrial Training
  • Managing Information System
  • Effective Business Communication
  • MPU Subjects


Career Opportunities: 

Shipyard Officer, Marine Technologist, Port & Harbour Officer, Marine Superintendent & Employment in Oil & Gas

Program Learning Outcomes:

1. Acquire knowledge and understanding of engineering principles relevant to marine engineering technology activities.

2. Be able to explain the techniques and tools required to solve problems relevant to marine engineering technology activities.

3. Be able to prepare, submit and present quality technical reports within a given time frame which encompass technical, social and environmental issues.

4. Be able to manage an engineering project under close supervision from senior engineers together with other project team members (customer, supplier, government authorities)

5. Confidently communicate as a semi-professional and be able to act a a leader in addressing new proposals and current issues.

6. Have the ability to apply technical skills, critical thinking and problem solving in work and function effectively as a member in a technical team.

7. Be able to explore current technologies related to marine engineering activities that contribute to life-long learning and information.

8. Be able to plan, structure ship materials, schedule production materials on site and control production planning such as project planning and budgeting.

9. Realize and demonstrate effective leadership responsibilities.


Entry requirement: 
Passed SPM with 3 Credits which include Mathematics or Equivalent
2 years and 6 months (7 semesters)