School of

Foundation in Science

Foundation in Science
MQA / PA 4937

IIMAT Foundation in Science gives the student the academic preparation for students who wants to enter into Science-related Degree. Students will have strong knowledge and skills to gain entry into our Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine or to other Degree program. It equips students with strong fundamental knowledge and skills to pursue their studies in the areas of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and health sciences. 

Course Structure: 
  • General Studies
  • English I
  • Mathematics I
  • Biology I
  • Chemistry I
  • Physics I
  • English 2
  • Mathematics 2
  • Biology 2
  • Chemistry 2
  • Physics 2
  • Information, Communication & Technology
  • Statistics and Probability
  • Biology 3
  • Chemistry 3
  • Physics 3




Career Opportunities: 

Business Development, Administration, Marketing, Advertising, Store Management, Human Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Merchandising, Human Resource

Entry requirement: 
Passed SPM with minimum 5 credits which include Mathematics and 2 science subjects or UEC - 3Bs including Mathematics, 2 other Science Subject and a pass in English and Bahasa Malaysia or Equivalent
1 Year